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Alexey + Maria Engagement Video

Meet Alexey & Maria.

A wonderful Russian couple who came to share their love in one of the famous wedding destinations in the Philippines- Palawan.
The team will never ever forget this kind of experience shooting this beautiful couple: It gave us a hard time to communicate and to understand them while shooting, but it didn’t hinder us to give them a very romantic reflection of their love. Thanks to the “reenactment”,:D it was indeed a great help to cope with Alexey & Maria. It just became very challenging to demonstrate to them the “this and that” gestures but it’s worth it:
It’s really easy if two persons are truly in love to each other because capturing their expression of love was effortless.
We cannot understand their way of speaking but this video already interprets how much they love each other and it’s great to hear how they say
“I love you”-
“Ya lyublyu tebya”.

Enjoy and be in love!

Alexey & Maria Prenuptial (08.07.14)
Photo – Video > CookieMedia Photo-Video
Location> Sheridan Beach Resort And Spa

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