Richard & Barby Wedding (SDE)

A wedding that was truly blessed
Everyone in the wedding couldn’t help but to have their tears as Chard and Barby emotionally gave their vows for each other. You could really feel the sincerity, the happiness and true love of this couple for each other the way they hold their hands and make an everlasting promise in the presence of the LORD and their loved ones.
You will really see how in love the couple is the way their eyes meet and say “I LOVE YOU” while wearing their rings to each other as a symbol of eternal love. Chard and Barby know that they can already see clearer their beautiful days as husband and wife sealed by the power of the love from above- and that is one of the greatest gifts a man could ever received by GOD.


Life Story of Daniel Lebante

A story which shows that poverty and failures are not hindrances but keys to success with the help of our GOD.